Quang Ngoc Minh is a distributor of leading prestigious lubricant products in Vietnam. Products distributed by us are imported from famous brands with clear origin. Especially, Quang Ngoc Minh is proud to be the official authorized dealer for Anglomoil lubricant brand in Vietnam.

The main products that we distribute include:

  • Food Grade Lubricants
  • Grease & Oil Industrial
  • Agricultural Lubricants

About Anglomoil

Anglomoil is a manufacturing brand from Australia and operated by “Extreme Performance”. This is known as a reputable manufacturer, established in 1975 and has long experience in the field of lubricants.

Every one of our products is a demonstration of our innovation, extensive understanding of the science of blending, the expertise of our chemist and engineers, and our commitment to only use world-best ingredients, As a result, we hase a large community of loyal long-term customers who appreciate the productivity and cost efficencies they realise from choosing Anglomoil.

Anglomoil lubricant products have all been certified with international ISO standards and other certifications such as Halal and Kosher.

Why should you choose to buy products from Quang Ngoc Minh?

  • Quang Ngoc Minh is a reputable sales unit officially authorized to act as an agent of Anglomoil brand in Vietnam.
  • Compared with many other similar-priced lubricant products on the Vietnamese market, Anglomoil brand products distributed by Quang Ngoc Minh have better quality, are recognized and trusted by many customers.
  • The products distributed by Quang Ngoc Minh have clear origin, quality assurance, safe and environmentally friendly products.
  • Provide specific advice and complete information about products and usage so that customers can make the right choice and use the product effectively.
  • Quang Ngoc Minh has built a reputation with a large number of loyal customers thanks to high quality products.

Quang Ngoc Minh is always pleased to serve you.