Distributor of Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam

Are you looking for an Anglomoil food lubricant distributor in Vietnam?. You are divided and do not know which distributor to choose for long-term cooperation. Come to Quang Ngoc Minh – Distributor of genuine Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam.

Advantages of Anglomoil food lubricants

Anglomoil Food Lubricating Oil is a product line of brand origin from Australia. Famous for its high quality food grade lubricating grease products. Up to now, there have been more than 45 years in the lubricant industry. Here are a few advantages of Anglomoil:

  • High quality products meet international quality control standards. Anglomoil’s food-grade lubricating grease products are ISO certified and NSF certified. Not only meeting the needs of the Australian market, but also expanding to New Zealand and other countries in Asia.
  • Anglomoil says no to defective products. Always meet strict censorship from reputable organizations, trusted by customers and businesses.
  • The product supply, shipping and warranty policies are clear. Anglomoil always creates the most favorable conditions for products to reach customers easily.

Dầu nén khí an toàn thực phẩm ISO 68

Distributor of Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam

About Quang Ngoc Minh

Quang Ngoc Minh is a distributor of genuine Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam. Quang Ngoc Minh is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. With the desire to bring quality and international-class products to customers. Thereby helping customers’ production operations become flexible and durable. The lifespan and production efficiency of factories are also enhanced, better.

Nhà phân phối dầu mỡ bôi trơn thực phẩm Anglomoil tại Việt Nam

Anglomoil food lubricating grease products at Quang Ngoc Minh

Currently, we supply all Anglomoil’s lubricant product lines with more than 29 different product categories including:

  • Anglomoil’s food grade gear lubricants comply with international quality standards:  ISO 100, ISO 150, ISO 220, ISO 320, ISO 460, ISO 68, ISO 220 and ISO 680
  • Food grade silicone spray lubricant.
  • Lubricating oil products for air compressors according to ISO 15, ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100 and ISO 150 standards.
  • Product base oil for food according to ISO 15, ISO 68. Along with that is heat-resistant lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other food-grade grease.

As a distributor of Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam. Quang Ngoc Minh is committed to 100% genuine products. The products we supply all meet safety quality standards and have clear origins. Professional working process, enthusiastic advice, fast. Ensure the highest customer satisfaction. With the desire to cooperate and develop sustainably and long-term with partners.

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Contact information Anglomoil food lubricant distributor in Vietnam:


Address:  2 Street 42, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.
Email: Quangngocminhco@gmail.com
Hotline:  0913.154.145

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