Anglomoil food lubricating oil in Vietnam

Anglomoil is a famous Australian food lubricant brand, with many preeminent features, this brand is a name chosen by many consumers. Using Anglomoil food lubricating oil, you do not need to worry about the quality and safety because this is a product certified by international associations on food safety and hygiene such as: ISO, NSF, HACCP ,… Therefore, if you are looking for a place to buy genuine Anglomoil lubricants in Vietnam, please contact Quang Ngoc Minh – an authorized dealer of Anglomoil lubricants in Vietnam.

What are the preeminent features of Anglomoil food lubricants in Vietnam?

Compared with other food-grade lubricants with the same formula, Anglomoil’s food-grade lubricating oil is trusted by many users, chosen by:

+ Products meet standards, recognized by associations and organizations on food safety: ISO, HACCP, NSF

Dầu động cơ Seamaster 60 20W50

+ Possesses many advanced features:

  • Able to protect the machine, lubricated equipment to reduce friction, anti-corrosion.
  • Possesses good hydrolytic stability and emulsifying ability.
  • Has heat resistance and thermal stability, long-term high temperature resistance, high oxidation resistance.
  • High air release capacity and anti-foaming ability.
  • Ensure the life of equipment and machinery
  • Choose the right Anglomoil food grade lubricating oil for equipment and machinery.

According to the announcement of USDA – the United States Department of Agriculture, there are 3 levels of food lubricants currently available, which are H1, H1 and H3. So how exactly is each level applied?

Lubricants of class H1

Lubricant group of H1 level is used to apply to machinery and equipment at locations and surfaces where accidental contact with food may occur during the production process. Therefore, this group of lubricating oils must be made from approved materials and are those listed in Chapter 21 of the Federal Law of the US Food Safety Administration and must have a high content of Direct contact with food should not exceed 10mg/kg of food.

Lubricants of class H2

Only use food grade H2 lubricating oil at locations and surfaces of machinery and equipment that need oiling without the possibility of food contact during the production process. The requirements for the composition of this H2-grade food-grade lubricating oil are to be free from teratogenic substances, inorganic acids, mutagens, carcinogens, heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, ….

Lubricants of class H3

Food grade H3 lubricating oils are used to lubricate the positions, surfaces of parts, machine parts that come into direct contact with food during production and, in particular, lubricants. Food grade lubricants of H3 are edible oils.

Consequences of choosing the wrong food-grade lubricating oil.

  • Machines, equipment and food are easily penetrated by bacteria, causing harm to users.
  • Machinery and equipment are not protected, easily damaged, affecting the production process

Therefore, choosing the right food-grade lubricating oil suitable for parts and machine parts will limit unwanted risks during the production process as well as after the food product is completed and effective. business as desired and business efficiency.

Dầu bôi trơn thực phẩm Anglomoil tại Việt Nam

Some Anglomoil food lubricants are being distributed by Quang Ngoc Minh

Consumers can purchase food-grade lubricating oil products provided by us on site. Some typical food lubricating oil products that we are distributing are as follows:

  • Food safe gear lubricant ISO 100, 150, 220, 320,…
  • ISO 32 food grade heat resistant lubricating oil
  • Food safe hydraulic oil ISO 32, 46, 100,…
  • ISO 15 food grade crane lubricating oil…
  • Lubricating oil for pneumatic machines in the food industry ISO 15
  • ISO 220 . food chain lubricating oil
  • Food base oils ISO 15, ISO 68,…

Where can I buy Anglomoil Food Lubricating Oil in Vietnam from any distributor?

You can easily find Anglomoil food-grade lubricants with an online search, but are they genuine, quality and safe lubricants?

Instead of spending money for the above risk, choosing to buy Anglomoil food lubricant at Quang Ngoc Minh is the safest and most reliable solution, because:

  • Quang Ngoc Minh is an authorized agent of Anglomoil brand in Vietnam
  • Products imported 100% from Australia, genuine, clear origin.
  • Guaranteed safety with full ISO, NSF certification, and peace of mind when the product always comes with a chemical safety instruction sheet for MSDS users
  • No worries about the price as this is Anglomoil’s authorized dealer
  • 24/7 consulting support, delivery support, and many other preferential policies.


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