The strength of Anglomoil industrial lubricants in Vietnam

A famous industrial lubricant brand in the world began to appear in Vietnam in 1996. It is Anglomoil industrial lubricant with Australian technology. Currently, Anglomoil industrial lubricants in Vietnam have been widely used. Let’s follow the following article to see why it is so popular.

What is industrial lubricating oil?

In the past, people used lard, olive oil or similar vegetable oils to lubricate machines. At this time, there was no concept of industrial lubricants. In the 80s of the 19th century, industrial oils began to appear under the name of lubricants. Its main ingredients are base oils and additives. It was the forerunner of today’s industrial lubricants.

Thế mạnh của dầu bôi trơn công nghiệp Anglomoil tại Việt Nam

Today, people use the concept of industrial lubricating oil to refer to the type of oil that lubricates industrial machinery and equipment. Its two basic roles are to protect machinery and increase equipment performance.

Anglomoil industrial lubricants in Vietnam

Anglomoil is an Australian origin brand known for its high quality lubricating oils. Below are the types of industrial lubricants Anglomoil is providing in the market.

  • Hydraulic oil ( Lubemaster hydraulic ) manufactured according to international standards ISO 46 and 68
  • Solube cutting oil, Solube cutting oil EP
  • Air compressor oil: Compressor S/R ISO 32/46/68/100; Compressor H/R ISO 150; SFR Compressor oil ISO 46
  • Heat transfer oil
  • Slideway oil
  • Machine oil
  • Turbine oil (Turbine oil)
Dầu rãnh trượt Slideway Oil ISO 32, 68, 220
Dầu rãnh trượt Slideway Oil ISO 32, 68, 220

The strength of Anglomoil industrial lubricants in Vietnam

Industrial lubricants appear and have a long history of development with old names such as Shell, Total, Castrol. So how did Anglomoil  present itself to gain the trust of customers in Vietnam?.

Superiority in product quality – Product differentiation strategy

This is what makes Anglomoil competitive compared to other brands. Industrial lubricating oil products go beyond international standards (ISO). Anglomoil uses high-grade base oils of 2 or more groups and does not use recycled oils. For additives, only 1 brand is used and approved by the famous additive brand Lubrizol. Therefore, Anglomoil’s lubricating oils have excellent demulsibility, anti-corrosion, hydraulic stability, viscosity index and high oxidation resistance.


Performance of Anglomoil lubricants for hydraulic systems at Malaysia’s first Energy Saving Vehicles Production Facility after 6 months of use:

  • Oil cost savings for the system up to 63%, oil change time is extended up to about 11 times.
  • Improved lubricity, simplified maintenance and lubrication schedules
  • Reduce system processing costs.

Policy on technical support and professional training

Anglomoil has a professional R&D department to ensure that the technology used is the most advanced and modern. There is a separate technical training and support department for customers,

Distribution network system

Anglomoil is now present in many countries around the world, including New Zealand and countries in Asia Pacific. In Vietnam, Anglomoil is widely present in all three regions with more than 21 provinces and cities.

How to buy Anglomoil industrial lubricants in Vietnam?

If you are wondering whether to buy genuine Anglomoil oil, please come to Quang Ngoc Minh. A genuine distributor of Anglomoil lubricating oil in Vietnam. At Quang Ngoc Minh, you can be assured of products and services.

  • Quang Ngoc Minh is committed to providing 100% genuine Anglomoil oil. Say no to shoddy imitations and reused oils. We have the capacity to supply a complete and comprehensive range of industrial lubricants from Anglomoil today.
  • We have a professional and attentive staff 24/7. Careful advice helps customers choose the right product. Always listen to customers’ opinions and create the most favorable conditions for customers.
  • Competitive pricing policy in the market. We always strive to bring high quality products at reasonable prices. At the same time, we also have many other preferential policies. In order to promote the long-term cooperation and development of the two sides.
  • Clear shipping and warranty policy. We care about the rights and interests of our customers. Create favorable conditions for the delivery and receipt of goods and provide immediate support when needed.

In addition, for each system, each device, each location and different lubrication environment will need different lubricants. So to use the product to achieve the highest efficiency for your system. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.



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