Distributor of food lubricants in Vietnam

The use of food lubricants is not new to factories in Vietnam today. However, not everyone is fully aware of this product line. Especially find a genuine distributor of food lubricants in Vietnam. Let’s learn them together with Quang Ngoc Minh in the following article!

All about food lubricants

Are you learning about lubricants used in the food industry? Below are basic information about food-grade lubricants to help you better understand this product category. Thereby helping you understand the characteristics, roles and evaluate them.

What is Food Lubricant?

Whether food grease or food grease for short. This is a type of substance that has the role of lubricating machinery and equipment in food production. Thereby helping these devices can operate optimally and increase durability.

Why use food grade grease?

The use of food-grade lubricants has two roles. Firstly, it helps to ensure smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Reduce the impact due to friction, anti-oxidation, anti-rust for equipment. When machinery operates continuously with high intensity without lubricant, it is not safe. Equipment durability is reduced and potential fire hazards.

Second, the use of lubricating grease in production lines is necessary. They help create a smooth surface that makes materials move quickly, without stagnation. Especially the food industry always accumulates residues and excesses. This greatly reduces the cleaning process. This greatly increases the efficiency of production lines and food safety.

Dầu mỡ bôi trơn thực phẩm

How many types of food lubricants are there today?

Currently, there are many units providing lubricant product lines. Although the use of lubricating oil in some cases has direct contact with food. Therefore, these types must meet strict standards and censorship. To ensure safety, correct use in the production line.

Based on USDA food safety standards and NSF guidelines. Food grade lubricants are divided into 3 groups: NSF H1, NSF H2 and NSF H3. In the production process, if there is direct contact with food, NSF H3. If there is little contact with the rate of grease not exceeding 10mg/kg of food, H1 or H3 can be used. If there is no contact, any 1 of 3 types can be used.

How to check food-grade lubricating oil to meet safety standards?

It is very important to use products with clear origin and standard certifications. To check that the product meets USDA quality standards and is NFS certified. We can perform a simple online check through the following steps:

Step 1: Check the product information of food lubricating oil. Find the product registration number on the package, label.

Step 2: Visit the NSF information page: http://info.nsf.org/usda/psnclistings.asp

Step 3: In the interface of the information page, you will be asked to provide relevant information. Namely company name, country, product name, registration number and category selection. However, you just need to enter the registration number in the Registration Number box and press Search.

After performing the above operation, the screen will return the name containing the product name. Prove that the product has been licensed for use. You can click to see the detailed information. In case no results are found, the product has not been registered or censored.

Distributor of quality food lubricants in Vietnam

Currently in Vietnam there are many units providing vegetable lubricants. Among them, many units provide poor quality products. Products do not meet quality and food safety standards. Therefore, Quang Ngoc Minh is a reliable choice for you. Quang Ngoc Minh is a reputable and quality distributor of food lubricants in Vietnam.

Nhà phân phối dầu mỡ bôi trơn thực phẩm tại Việt Nam

Quang Ngoc Minh – A reputable distributor of food lubricants in Vietnam

About the products provided, we are committed to 100% genuine imported goods. The famous brand we choose is Anglomoil of Australia. The Australian Anglomoil brand has more than 45 years of experience in the food lubricant industry. Products meet international standards and export globally. Thereby ensuring the highest quality, safety and strictest standards.

About customer service and pricing policy. We always provide full information, enthusiastic advice. Based on the needs and budget of the customer, we analyze and offer the most optimal solution. Besides, we always create favorable conditions on price policy for long-term cooperation with partners.

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