Learn about Convection Toasters and Rotating Toasters

Specialized toaster ovens have 2 main types: convection toaster ovens and rotary toaster ovens. I will explain in detail the pros and cons of these two types, below. Don’t miss it!

1. Convection toaster oven

This is a toaster oven using an internal convection fan to circulate hot air moving steadily from top to bottom, from right to left to cook bread comprehensively. Convection technology helps the cake to cook evenly on all trays, the cake is cooked evenly, golden crispy, attractive.

There are many choices for convection toaster ovens with different sizes such as electric 5-tray oven, 8-tray oven, 10-tray oven, 12-tray toaster, 2-mode electric and gas oven. … You can watch the video below to understand more about this type of oven.

As you can see in the video above, a 5-tray toaster oven has 10-15 cakes on 1 tray and is pre-molded for you to easily bake. High temperature, can be adjusted from 50-300 degrees Celsius, so the bread oven is very quick, in just 15-20 minutes, 50-75 golden, crispy, delicious breads are finished.

The convection toaster oven also uses a humidifying system with a stable and most uniform speed to help the cake cook evenly, the yellow color is more delicious. One thing that is inevitable is that the oven makes a loud noise when operating, the oven has a large size of 93 x 88 x 112 cm, quite occupying an area.

But in return, the temperature and capacity of operation are stable, the stainless steel material is durable, helping you to have many cakes in just a few minutes. Usually comes with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.

The best convection toaster ovens today are SouthStar and Arble, helping to support establishments that provide 500 – 600 breads per day. The selling price is ranging from 30 – 36 million VND / unit, very suitable for first-time business owners, with little capital, little budget.

Some features of the convection toaster oven:  The front of the oven is an electric control unit that can automatically control the heat, saving electricity. With oven door made of 2 layers of thick, transparent tempered glass, with interior lights to help you easily observe the entire process.

The principle of operation is simple! The hot air is blown by the convection fan throughout the oven and removes the layer of cold air surrounding the dough; helps the dough to be continuously exposed to hot air, so it expands faster and more evenly on the trays. The misting system combined with a convection fan blows steam evenly throughout all positions in the oven, helping the cake to be cooked evenly, golden crispy and beautiful. Timer for baking time and alarm after baking is complete, extremely convenient for users.

2. Rotating Toaster Oven

Referring to the  rotary toaster oven is one of the delicious baking techniques of bread experts. This is a special type of toaster used in large baking supermarkets such as Big C, Lotte, and professional bread production facilities. I think the rotary toaster is more suitable for a longtime bread business person than a newbie.

You can refer to the video below to introduce industrial rotary toaster oven.

With this type of toaster oven, which is rotated continuously, the temperature is spread throughout the oven to help the cake cook evenly, deliciously and crispy. Compared to convection ovens, rotary toaster ovens use more modern advanced technology. Make the bread evenly cooked, the quality of the cake is better than the convection toaster oven.

When in operation, the toasters rotate 360 ​​degrees at high speed to keep the cake in constant contact with the heat, so it cooks evenly from all sides, the cake expands from the outside to the inside, making the crispy golden more attractive.

Of course, the selling price is somewhat more expensive than the convection toaster oven. Rotating toaster oven prices range from 60 to 65 million each, and can meet the ability to “bake 80-100” cakes in one baking time of 15-20 minutes. The price of the oven depends on the size of the baking tray, there are 6 trays, 8 trays, 10 trays, 12 trays, 16 trays, etc.

Although the price is higher, the breads made from the rotary oven are “10 points” in the eyes of customers. So Fastfood bread factories, trade centers, supermarkets, etc. are still willing to spend money to own.

Because they care most about bread quality, and customer feedback. If your budget is “problematic”, I also recommend choosing a rotary toaster oven that works both efficiently and bakes deliciously, all customers will praise after eating.

Electric toaster ovens cost more than gas ovens. In particular, the line of toaster ovens that use two electric and gas modes is much more expensive than the other two types.

Advantages of rotary toaster oven:

  • Standard oven temperature with automatic heating
  • Steel frame, powder coated furnace shell, non-stick coating in the oven
  • Timer and alarm when the cake is done
  • Automatic steam spray timer
  • Adjustable temperature from 0 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Multi-function: Roasting – grilling – reheating roast pork, roast chicken, foods: meat, fish, poultry…

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