Food lubricant agent in Vietnam

Food lubricating oil is a very necessary solution in the food production process, because besides the function of helping production machinery and equipment operate smoothly and smoothly, this oil still have to meet the standards related to food hygiene and safety such as: ISO, HACCP, NSF H1,… So where should food manufacturers buy food lubricants? Quang Ngoc Minh- a qualified, reputable and quality food lubricant agent in Vietnam will be the name your business is looking for.

What is the role of lubricants in the food industry?

Called food lubricant because this is the only type of oil that is allowed to be used in the food production industry, because besides ensuring machines meet their functions, performance, protection for equipment, In machinery, food lubricants also play a role in inhibiting the formation and growth of molds and bacteria harmful to food, ensuring standards related to food hygiene and safety. Products.

Đại lý dầu mỡ bôi trơn thực phẩm tại Việt Nam

Required standards of a lubricating grease

Any manufacturing industry needs the support of lubricating products, and so does food production. However, with its own characteristics, manufacturers cannot use normal lubricating oils, but must use food-grade lubricating oils to ensure compliance with regulations on food hygiene and safety. . So what standards do food-grade greases need to meet?

  • Ability to protect machinery and equipment during food production, anti-corrosion, anti-friction, oxidation, contributing to ensuring the durability of machinery and equipment.
  • Good adhesion ability, not washed away in all environments, especially harsh production environments such as high temperature, humidity, …
  • Inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria and molds produced in the food production process.
  • Ensure the ability to separate, peel, and non-stick for mixtures produced during food production such as juice, sugar, chemicals, etc.
  • Odorless, tasteless, environmentally friendly, no pollution.

How to choose the right food-grade lubricating oil.

  • It is recommended to use food-grade lubricating grease with high heat resistance, base oil composition is synthetic oil and thickener for machines and equipment operating at high temperature, humid environment, under load. heavy.
  • You should pay attention to the expiration date of the product, avoid using products that have expired.
  • Check product safety as well as product safety certification deadlines on White Book

Why Quang Ngoc Minh – food lubricant agent in Vietnam will be a reliable partner of food manufacturing enterprises.

Reputable Distributor

We are the leading distributor of food lubricants in Vietnam, the products we distribute are all imported from famous food lubricant brands.

Officially authorized agent of Anglomoil Australia brand

Besides, Quang Ngoc Minh, we are proud to be the official authorized distributor of Anglomoil lubricant brand – a famous Australian brand trusted by many food manufacturers.

Products meet quality standards, fully certified according to the requirements of food hygiene and safety

Products provided by us ensure quality, clear origin, fully certified according to the requirements of the food industry such as: ISO 21469, HACCP certification, NSF H1, as well as other international certifications. .

Each lubricating oil product that we provide has an MSDS instruction sheet – a chemical safety instruction sheet, helping customers feel more secure when used in practice.

Diverse products, suitable for many equipment and machine parts

Lubricating grease products provided by us are diverse in types, suitable for many equipment and machine parts such as: safety gear oils of all kinds, air compressor lubricants, crane lubricating oils, oils chain lubricants, heat-resistant lubricating oils, food grade base oils, safe compressed air oils, etc.

Besides lubricating greases for the food industry, Quang Hoa Minh also provides lubricants for the industry, as well as the agricultural industry, so whether your business specializes in food production, or manufacturing industries, agriculture, we are always ready to become your reliable partner.

Expected prices, many attractive policies

With the source of genuine imported goods, the products we distribute are guaranteed to have the most reasonable and competitive prices, commensurate with the quality of the products brought, along with many attractive policies for customers. such as: warranty, transportation, information security, 24/7 support, etc.



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