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Anglomoil is a famous brand in the market of famous Australian industrial lubricants and food lubricants, trusted by many manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam. And Quang Ngoc Minh, we are very honored to become the authorized dealer of this brand in Vietnam, so if your business is looking for an Anglomoil lubricant agent in Vietnam, please contact us immediately. I will soon receive the latest advice on products.

About Anglomoil lubricant brand

As a well-known brand in the market, Anglomoil provides users with products specializing in lubricants and lubricants that are trusted by many customers throughout Australia and Asia Pacific.

Compared to the same product formula, Anglomoil is always appreciated as the choice of many customers.

In the lubricating grease segment, Anglomoil offers consumers a wide range of industrial lubricants, greases and lubricants for the food industry with a wide range of types, suitable for many parts and components. machine.

 Anglomoil Việt Nam

Outstanding advantages of Anglomoil lubricating grease line

  • Anglomoil lubricants all possess high lubricating properties, the ability to form strong oil films in harsh environmental conditions, especially at high temperatures, protect machines and equipment, reduce friction, and prevent corrosion. trail.
  • Product stability is high, especially hydrolysis stability, good oxidation property, effective anti-foam and gas release ability.
  • Anglomoil lubricating greases have the ability to protect and increase the age of machinery and equipment. Using Anglomoil lubricating grease will help prolong the oil change cycle and improve operational efficiency, especially in industrial production lines and heavy machinery. As a result, users can save money on operating costs.
  • Anglomoil lubricants always ensure full requirements and operating standards thanks to an extremely strict control process, as well as always going through the process of inspection, input quality check, output test. .

Notes when using Anglomoil lubricating grease in general

Grease the required amount

When lubricating grease must be applied, only apply the amount of grease to use, if too much will lead to increased friction between machine parts leading to increased heat and more energy loss.

On the contrary, when applying less oil to open, it will make the parts of the machinery and equipment not able to lubricate enough, generating dry friction, causing damage and damage to the machine.

Do not mix lubricating oils

Another note when using lubricating grease that users need to grasp is to avoid mixing new and old lubricating oils during use. The mixing of new and old lubricants will cause the drop of lubricating oil to be reduced, lowering the mechanical stability of the grease, causing a lot of influence on machinery and equipment.

Dầu mỡ bôi trơn Anglomoil

Periodically change the grease

Should pay attention to change the lubricating oil periodically in specific cases or as directed by the manufacturer to ensure that equipment and machinery are always effectively lubricated, thereby saving maintenance costs. machinery, equipment is damaged.

Find out about Anglomoil lubricant lines provided from Anglomoil Vietnam Lubricant Dealer Quang Ngoc Minh

Customers can search and choose suitable lubricants among many products that we distribute today such as:

  • Industrial lubricating oils: Solube Cutting GP Concentrate, Compressor ISO 32, 46, 68, 100; Slide Oil ISO 32, 68, 220,..
  • Industrial grease group: Angloplex Grease, G-2163 . grease
  • Group of lubricants for the food industry: ISO 100 food-safe gear oil, ISO 15 air compressor lubricant, ISO 15 crane lubricant, ISO 32 food-grade heat-resistant lubricating oil, lubricating oil ISO 220 food chain, ISO 32, 46, 68 . food safe pneumatic oil
  • Lubricating grease group for food production: food-safe EP beef fat, food-safe NLGI 2 beef fat, ..

Đại lý dầu mỡ bôi trơn Anglomoil Việt Nam

Quang Ngoc Minh- A reputable Anglomoil Vietnam lubricant agent

Coming to Anglomoil Vietnam Lubricant Agent – Quang Ngoc Minh, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Perfect use experience with genuine Anglomoil product line from Australia.
  • Use the product with peace of mind with full international certification documents such as: ISO, HSF, … MSDS safe chemical usage instruction sheet.
  • Cost savings thanks to the use of quality products at original prices distributed by Quang Ngoc Minh.
  • Understand and choose the right lubricant product thanks to a team of professional consultants, 24/7 support.
  • Many benefits, product policies, attractive customer policies: shipping, warranty, exchange, …



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